Nominations and Entry

The nominations process is very straight forward and can be completed by either a member of the organisation or a member of the general public who has visited

Nominations for the 2017 awards are now open. The winners will be announced at WTM in London in November.

Closing date: 8th September

You can enter one or more of the following categories:

Nature & Heritage

Thailand is rich in natural wonders and cultural heritage; two reasons why people return again and again. This category looks for projects, organisations or other bodies, who offer the best of Thailand and in a sustainable way. It could be a conservation programme or it could be a tour company, either local or UK-based.

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Thailand is blessed with stunning coastlines and a rich marine ecosystem. We are looking for a project, organisation or other body which is actively targeting marine conservation issues, or marine animal welfare.

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Community based tourism

Community based tourism is when the tourism experience is managed and operated buy the local community. The community benefits by receiving an income that can be fairly distributed, and by operating a type of tourism that helps them preserve their community and way of life.

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Animal Welfare

With this award, we want to reward those places that genuinely care about their animals, and put their welfare first. Places where the animals line in a natural, enriched and healthy environment, and where normal behaviour is allowed. Note that there does need to be a tourism element. 

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Eco Lodge/Hotel

An eco-lodge or green hotel which is actively promoting its eco-friendly credentials. The judges will be looking for hotels that, regardless of size, go well beyond the basics (recycling etc.) and can prove they are making a positive difference to Thailand, whether through conservation, working with communities, education etc.

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A hotel which is actively developing its green initiatives. The judges are looking for establishments, regardless of size or category, which are used by holidaymakers, and have a green policy. Note: we are not looking in this category for hotels which are already known for their green credentials, or which specialise in ecotourism. 

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Green Steps

A tourism-related organisation which has recently made steps - however modest -  towards introducing a green/sustainable travel policy. This is open to an organisation of any type, eg it could be a local tour, a transport provider, a restaurant, accommodation, an attraction, a travel company. 

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